BAFFLE STUDIOS is a men's fashion label which is rooted in street culture. Our goal is to step outside the norm with respect to art, culture, and society. We aim to bewilder and perplex set ideals of expression. Founded in 2015, BAFFLE STUDIOS is focused in providing the most high quality products possible, combined with a mission to bring research/exploration of materials and garment construction to the forefront.  

Our current products are delivered on a seasonal or biseasonal offering, focusing on the mediums of fashion, furniture and photo/video; These items are designed with materials that are meant to withstand the ever - changing climate of the west coast.   Avante-garde streetwear within a simple form. 

The end goal is to provide Avant-garde "streetwear", combined with an intense level of attention to detail as it pertains to fit, functionality, materials and purpose in all facets of our design language.  

Curated by: Alexander Larsen & Sy Woolstenhulme